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Well, hell has frozen over for a lot of those who swore that Bill Cosby would never come home alive. If you haven’t heard by now the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has overturned 83-year-old Bill Cosby’s case and while many are elated, some are downright livid. I am sure you have heard of the ex-basketball player Andrea Constand alleging that Cosby drugged and assaulted her in 2004, well, the first trial ended with a hung jury, but soon after Mr. Cosby was retried and convicted. He was sentenced to 3-10 years in prison and now I am not here to bore you with public court knowledge, but rather speak about the outrage that is taking place among many after the verdict was overturned.

Let’s start with the fact Mr. Cosby’s accusers have stated they feel that he has not learned his lesson, my question is, who can judge that? You could ask him the question and he could very well answer truthfully or not, but how can his response be judged? Next, some are complaining that he didn’t serve enough time. Mr. Cosby was only sentenced to 3-10 years. He has been confined for well over 2 years, meaning it is very likely that nearing the end of this 2021 year he would have likely been coming home regardless. Let’s face it the man has more years behind him than he does in front of him. Also, given that multiple women that stood with Constand namely Janice Dickinson who admitted to concocting her own story for her book along with other women who had testified that the accusers were lying there is room for doubt.

Now I know some of you will argue that I am victim shaming or blaming but that is not my intention. I am not going to claim that I am not because that is solely based on your perspective and I respect that. I ask that you accept mine and how I view what has taken place.

In my opinion, this whole witch hunt was about discrediting a high-powered African American man. It was about destroying a legacy and demolishing the empire Mr. Cosby had built. I think these women are telling what they believe to be true to the best of their recollection and clearly, something happened that shouldn’t have and whether they were aware of it or not, it's a scar that needs to be healed. I honor and understand that, however, I also acknowledge that during those years every single drug mentioned during that trial was a very known and popular party drug. These drugs weren’t hidden or private, they were commonly used for just that purpose that Mr. Cosby used them for, SEX. My question has always been about the number of women and the fact that several of them were in the same social circles. I am still unable to understand how when one of them woke up and realized they had been violated, how was it that word didn’t get around to any other women? Just a question please don’t crucify me. One of the women even testified that Mr. Cosby gave her breakfast to settle her stomach. Wait a min… So, you ate something again after the assault? Disregard that last question if you will, these are just a few of the questions that ran through my mind as I watched Mr. Cosby being walked into the prison. And now I can rest those thoughts as I finally get to watch him being freed after more than 2 years for the same actions many of these high-powered men of other ethnicities continue to get away with.

Listen, I am not in any way saying that what Mr. Cosby did was right. It is very clear things happened that these women didn’t want to happen and I believe that everyone should live by the rule ‘my body my choice”. Although, I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I didn’t say that I am happy to see that Mr. Cosby is now able to go back home with his family to live out the rest of his days in whatever peace he can. That’s what this all should be about. Peace. My prayer is that now that this has come full circle all parties involved could get some peace of mind.

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