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Rumor Has It: Couldn't be my car

On Washington Blvd perpendicular to Carroll Park in Baltimore, MD sits this nicely battered Silver Acura seemingly touched by someone in distress is the only thing I could presume. Could anyone ever deserve such a fate? I leave that for you in the comments to ponder. I just wonder about the process of getting to this point of an emotional explosion and the distinct gull it would take to get this mad.

As you can see I have questions, like, is the owner of this vehicle an employee of the Maryland Transit system, and did this happen while at work, home, or the suspect's home? It would be a sad circumstance to have had to drive your car to work in that state, they must've been a little embarrassed. Especially if while in transit you have to face the stares and jeers from the pedestrians on the side of the road all while the guy stopped directly behind you at a light peering at you through the missing rear windshield shakes his head at the sight. Not only that, you then have to explain to your co-workers that you are attracted to the sadistic tendencies in your relationships when you pull up at your job. At least that would probably be my route.

Well, I guess I will say, good luck and may your fortunes be better in the future. Oh yeah, get out of the relationship now, this could be just the beginning.

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