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What the storm is this?

I went to the market for 5 items which is the equivalent of no more than 15 minutes in the store but I've been stuck in my truck out front for an 1/2 hour in Federal Hill. This rain is coming down insanely hard. I thought it wasn't possible for lighting to strike the same place twice but it appears it does over here and not just twice but several times. There is massive amounts of flooding everywhere including under my feet right now. I've now witnessed several household items just floating down the streets where cars should be driven.

The flooding seemingly hit Ostend street

particularly hard. When you see a Toyota Prius turn in a boat you've seen it all until that boat is then eclipsed by a Ford Expedition as it maneuvers around it making its way through about 3 feet of water creating a wave that actually helped by pushing the car back on solid ground.