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Late Friday night (approx. midnight), clearly something went totally wrong in this but what I can only assume was an accident. Definitely not your typical accident of course but all the same an accident, right? She or he didn't do this on purpose, right? All I can hope is that it had nothing to do with Fathers Day or Benia's article.

Well, I don't know how an illegally double parked SUV on Northern Parkway in East Baltimore is on fire but there it was and you don't see this kind of thing everyday. One thing that just ran through my mind as I am writing this, "did somebody drop a blunt with gas on their fingers?" or "is this a mechanical failure?".

In any case, there didn't appear to be any one injured and no ambulance was called to the scene but that vehicle is a goner. I still would like to know the cause, so if you read this be a dear and help us fill in the blanks.

Email us: (reference the article in the subject)

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