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You Better Live (07/11/2024)

You Better Live (07/11/2024)

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Mecca (Author) will be on The Artist Exchange tonight LIVE at 5 pm to talk about this article right here on BXR.

On the Wendy Williams Show that aired on July 1st, she provided her opinion to social media influencer Tabitha Brown and her husband Chance Brown's decision to retire her husband who has been in law enforcement for 15 years. Wendy Williams's opinion was “Nope, I was married to one of those. You know I make the money and you go live out your dreams, buy a business so on and so forth GO GO GO! You see how that turned out.” Wendy goes on to say, “ You over here making all your money and stuff. You have me quit my job and I can’t live like a child.” Now based on Wendy Williams's response you definitely can tell her opinion came from her personal experiences.

My question is if you are financially capable as a woman to retire your mate, would you? And if so, in today’s society is that a bad thing?

Men have always been looked at as the provider, but roles have changed. In Tabitha Brown's situation, she grew up with her mate since they were of middle school age. Tabitha did defend her and Chance's decision by explaining that her husband sacrificed by being the breadwinner for 15 years while she perused her dreams. But again isn’t that supposed to be his role as the provider? Wendy has an interesting point to look at as well. What if he took advantage of that opportunity and decided to “do him” you know meet other women and have a whole family on the side. Do you feel like a fool or stupid for that decision?