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So I'm up all night most nights and I like it because I am more productive when everyone else is asleep but not this morning. “Why”, you ask?

Well, because I have 20-25 ATF agents outside my door this morning triggered with what sounded like a bomb going off as an announcement repeatedly said, "Occupants of 1252 Glendale this is the police", with guns blazing and aimed high unfortunately towards the second floor where I'm located. This is the second incident in less than a week on my poor little street after they caught the accused murderer Kevin Dudley on our same street a few days ago. Now I'm surprised, in a state of shock, and huddled by the bed. Meanwhile, I’ve had a full conversation in my head about wondering what if they're at the wrong address because this street's name is Glyndon. Anyway, can you imagine as your getting ready to climb in bed with your back toward the bedroom windows and then right below your feet it's Afghanistan.

I may experience a little PTSD after this so just bear with me, no loud noises. So the Baltimore army (ATF) just burst into my neighbor's house and the only thing that immediately jumped in my head was, "does this have something to do with them damn pigeons?", like messenger pigeons. I was just coming up with all kinds of scenarios in my head, I mean, at this point I will think of anything if it will result in the pigeons disappearing all of a sudden. I still don't understand why people own them just look up they're everywhere freely. THE PIGEON COOP MUST GO! *clears throat* Excuse me, side rant.

Sorry, I veered off there a bit, now while the charges aren't clear nor is the reason for this much force but we do know they have apprehended at least one (1) black male and what I know of any other occupants is that there is a newborn in the residence along with the mother, their status is unknown.

ATF is still on the scene presumably collecting evidence. Now I have to figure out a way to fall asleep after all this excitement.

If you have any further information and would like to share, email:

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